"CMG News" serves as a centralized resource for CreativeMktGroup to feature and promote the developments and successes of start-ups, small businesses, non-profits, and associations, as well as provide updates about the CMG staff, client work, culture, and community involvement.

"How I Got Started..." with Brad Strouse, Entertainment Consultant & Event Producer, E

Brad Strouse is an Entertainment Consultant and Event Producer for EastCoast Entertainment at their office in Richmond, VA. With over 40 years of working with bands and events, ECE has established itself as the largest, full-service entertainment agency in the country. We had the privilege of sitting down with Brad to learn more about him. During this interview, we talked about his early years, his life and career before ECE, and the advice he has for others in the business world. ​​Q: Where are you from? A: I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio but my family moved to Montgomery, Alabama when I was in junior high. My wife is from Richmond though, so we have been living here for about seven years no

Yes We Cannes!

A few days ago, our team member Ryan Dunstan landed in Cannes, France and napped on the beach before heading into the Cannes Young Lions kick-off session! They split into teams and completed a scavenger hunt around the city before heading into the classroom to meet their academy deans, Ryan's being Jim Stengel and Suzanne Tosolini. It was so much fun and the festival hadn't even started yet... The First day of the Cannes Lions Festival kicked off with a bang! Highlights from day one included a visit to the Google Creative Harbour to see what they're developing, a private in-class talk with Burger King CMO, Fernando Machado, and listening to Caroline Wanga and Todd Waterbury (Target) discuss

"How I Got Started..." with Mindy Flanigan, Founder of Inspiring HR, LLC

Mindy Flanigan is the Founder of Inspiring HR, LLC in Richmond, VA. Inspiring HR is an employee management navigator for small businesses, targeting businesses with no more than 50 employees. Flanigan is also the creator of the HR-SURE® service model: Simple, Understandable, Relevant, and Empowering. Given Mindy's busy schedule this summer, we had the privilege of talking with her virtually. During this interview, we talked about her early years, her life and career before Inspiring HR, and the advice she gives for people considering entrepreneurship. ​​Q: Where are you from? A: I am from Syracuse, NY. Fayetteville, to be exact. Go Orange. Q: What are you passionate about in your personal li

CMG Client: Smallish & Bigger

It was late 2018 when the Smallish & Bigger business became a reality. Although, it took the previous six months for the business concept to fully come to fruition. The idea began when Kat Gavin, the founder of Smallish & Bigger, saw a need for small business legal services, specifically with a non-threatening and 'don't be afraid to call your lawyer' approach. Kat and her development colleague, Katie Van Schooneveld, utilized the book 'Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business' by Gino Wickman to strategize and ultimately launch Smallish & Bigger. The Smallish & Bigger team has proven to their clients and target audience, that they truly know how to take a business from 'Smallish to Bigger'. We


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