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Yes We Cannes!

A few days ago, our team member Ryan Dunstan landed in Cannes, France and napped on the beach before heading into the Cannes Young Lions kick-off session! They split into teams and completed a scavenger hunt around the city before heading into the classroom to meet their academy deans, Ryan's being Jim Stengel and Suzanne Tosolini. It was so much fun and the festival hadn't even started yet...

The First day of the Cannes Lions Festival kicked off with a bang! Highlights from day one included a visit to the Google Creative Harbour to see what they're developing, a private in-class talk with Burger King CMO, Fernando Machado, and listening to Caroline Wanga and Todd Waterbury (Target) discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion to best serve ALL your customers.

Oh, and watching the sunset from the Female Quotient's rooftop party was pretty ok too. 😉

Stay tuned for a recap of Cannes next week!

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