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CMG Small Business Strong Features Homemades by Suzanne

Homemades by Suzanne opened 37 years ago in the historic district of Ashland, Virginia. They have a cafe located in Ashland and a restaurant in downtown Richmond. They provide delicious homemade meals, boxed lunches, and catering for events.

How has their business shifted as a result of the COVID-19 crisis?

The original business plan for Homemades by Suzanne was to sell meals for busy, newly working women to pick up and take home, but customers wanted to sit in the store and eat. Every day they were bringing in new tables and chairs, and as the restaurant and catering evolved, the concept to sell prepared meals never happened. Now, with current demand, the original plan has resurrected itself and at this point in time seems to be working for them. Bookings for weddings and corporate events in March and April were supposed to be their best-ever but the pandemic has caused weddings to be cancelled. Most weddings and all corporate events have been rescheduled however there is no exact date for when things can and will resume normally. This has all made them as a business and a restaurant adjust to still be able to provide homemade meals to their community.

What is Homemades by Suzanne doing to give back to others?

Giving up without trying is not their modus operandi, their Ashland location is up and running. In addition to their regular items, they are selling comfort food for take home dinners. The switch to to-go meals and curbside delivery has been important to maintain the health and safety of the community and Homemades by Suzanne’s staff, and also keeping all their staff members employed. Another initiative they have become is an affordable meals menu to go with a list of entrees and sides along with their regular menu items. They are giving their community the option of delivery as well.

How can you support this small business during this time?

Homemades by Suzanne has always loved and cared for their customers and their community. Now, their customers are caring for them by placing large orders to take home to enjoy for dinner and to freeze for later. One of their corporate customers are ordering 360 boxed lunches from them every week to give to their employees. They are taking orders from thoughtful out of town children who want to send a gift of food to their parents and from good citizens who want to send food to first responders. If you’re looking for a homemade meal and want to support your local businesses, visit their website at


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