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CMG Small Business Strong Features Heart & Mind

Heart & Mind empowers connections through mental health therapy, brain training and education. Adoption and developmental trauma are their specialties, however they have 8 therapists and a brain training director that work with different challenges from ages 18 months and up. They address the needs of the heart with the brain in mind.

How has their small business shifted as a result of the COVID-19 crisis?

Heart & Mind shifted their therapy services to only telehealth services several weeks ago. Telehealth can be done using a smartphone or computer so most clients could continue to access support. Their brain training programs can be done at home so they switched the equipment pick up process to a contactless system and supportive coaching to online platforms.

Most of their therapists are working from home or coming into the office to do sessions online. One of their play therapists does sessions from inside the playroom and many small clients ask to see toys and games they are used to seeing. This helps ease anxiety by seeing that the room and the therapist are ok and still exist. Predictability and consistency help Heart & Mind clients feel safer and maintaining the relationships maintains a sense of safety.

What has Heart & Mind done to be innovative and creative in order for their business to survive this economic crisis?

Heart & Mind quickly connected to two HIPAA compliant platforms to have a backup in case technology failed to prevent a disruption in their connection to their clients. They have shifted to providing play therapy over video platforms; online gaming groups were started to provide kids at home with some social and fun connections. They plan on offering groups for parents and teens and for emotion regulation education. In addition, Heart & Mind’s executive director volunteers with VCRN - Virginia Community Response Network providing EMDR after disasters. They are currently offering 4 EMDR sessions to healthcare workers at no cost.

Connection is a biological imperative. This is likely why our country is feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted as we are overriding that biological drive right now. Heart & Mind is trying to help maintain and support connections in any way they can.

How can you support this small business during this time?

If there’s a particular need for families they can help with please let them know. If you or someone you know needs help - reach out. They have therapists with space available and they will work with you as much as they can.

Their brain training programs are not covered by insurance and many of their clients in foster care or lower income can not afford these services. If you would like to donate towards scholarships for these programs you can do so here. Heart & Mind is also extending their offer of 30% off their Safe and Sound Protocol for all healthcare, first responders and military. For more information on Heart & Mind, visit their website at or email them at


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