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Meal Prep Company Offers "Pantry Genie" Virtual Sessions

Your Wild Pantry, owned by Dee Dee Eberle, is a concierge meal prep company that helps busy people meal plan with real ingredients. It provides healthy options that meet dietary needs, restrictions, allergies, and other needs. Dee Dee offers Pantry Management, Meal Prep Assistance, Meal Solutions to your doorstep, Cooking Classes, and Corporate Wellness Programs.

The goal of Your Wild Pantry is to provide personalized support in a person-to-person manner, so the beginning of COVID-19 stopped business in its tracks. The meal prep industry dried up very suddenly, and because Your Wild Pantry is a one-person shop, that meant a complete loss of revenue. The only revenue was from sales of meal solution products through a distributor, Epicure. Fortunately, Dee Dee had that part of a business model to allow clients to order meal solutions to their door.

After much reflection and consideration, Dee Dee realized that she had two choices: quit and close up shop, or use the time to pivot and focus on business structure needs. She chose the latter. She has been working with a business coach since last year, and that helped her be strategic in prioritizing her efforts. During this time, she has made improvements in business processes, marketing outreach, and new business model options. For instance, because she is not going into people's homes to do pantry management support, she created a service called "Pantry Genie" where she does a virtual walk-through of a client's pantry & freezer, and then "grants" them 3 recipes that allow them to make meals without having to go back to the grocery store. That model has begun to get more attention as people find ways to make fewer trips to the store, and use items that they have on hand. Dee Dee tells folks that Pantry Planning = Meal Planning = Less Food/Money Waste.

As Your Wild Pantry is focusing on all virtual offerings at this time, including cooking classes and corporate wellness options, community members can consider booking a class for groups they work with. Support Your Wild Pantry by signing your team up for a fun and interactive cooking class, helping with connection & team building while working from home! Or, ask for a Pantry Genie session that shows how to be creative with your (likely) overstocked pantries! Technology helps connect the world in ways it never has before, which allows Dee Dee to work with groups anywhere! To learn more about her current offerings, visit her website at

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