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Carytown Boutique Offers Personalized Care Packages

GlassBoat is Richmond's Premiere Boutique located in the heart of Carytown. They offer something for everyone. Local talent is always on display with jewelry, textiles, and paintings. Their unique women's clothing, furniture, bath products, and decorative items are one of a kind.

Following COVID-19, GlassBoat is continuing to do what they've always done by putting their clients' needs at the top of their priority list. They offer curbside pickup, select boxes for client approval, create care packages designed by you, and offer face masks as well as handmade hand sanitizer with no strange ingredients. They have also begun adding items to their website Shop.

GlassBoat is also offering 35% off LEE Industries Furniture orders since the sale period many expected by this time of year has not happened. At GlassBoat, the LEE sale is happening now.

To support this local business you can purchase online, come in to their store if you're comfortable with that, schedule private shopping if you're not, or just call in and check up. They are likely to be willing to do whatever it is that makes shopping possible for you. For more information on GlassBoat, visit their website at

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