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Local Technology Council Creates New Netflix-Style Video Series

The Richmond Technology Council (RVATECH) is a member-driven association of businesses and organizations working together to ensure the continued growth of Greater Richmond's dynamic technology-based economy.

Prior to COVID, they were primarily a live events-based business. The current situation has given them the opportunity to rethink and reimagine how they might continue to enhance and grow their value proposition. While transitioning to virtual experiences was the obvious first step, they've also shifted their focus and capabilities toward performing more media creation and storytelling. This allows RVATECH to showcase member companies in new ways. It also helps grow their network and connections, as they're constantly seeking and meeting new content speakers and guests. Most importantly, they are now able to tell the story of RVATECH more richly, impactfully, and comprehensively than ever before.

At the start of 2020, they had the intention of developing more storytelling platforms to help spotlight the companies, leaders, and technologists driving Richmond's robust technology ecosystem. The quarantine months have allowed RVATECH to launch and grow a podcast called RVATECH Talks, create a new Netflix-style video series called CoTech, kickoff new voice skills on Amazon Alexa and Google Home for RVATECH company news, and redesign their entire website to more colorfully exhibit all that RVATECH has to offer. They're hopeful that the ideas, concepts, and initiatives that they've developed during this crisis will live beyond 2020 and help them to be an even greater organization in the years ahead.

Every company is a tech company in 2020. If you run or manage a business, consider joining the Richmond Technology Council as a member. Small Business memberships are as low as $300/year. If you're a leader in the technology community, consider submitting an idea for the podcast or their webinar series. If you're a technologist looking to elevate your career this year, consider attending their upcoming virtual career fair. If you just love technology, then visit to binge their podcast, video series, and webinar archive. They truly have something for everyone within their ecosystem!

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