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Helping People Through The Art Of Tattooing

Zsa Zsa Cosmetic Tattooing is a private cosmetic tattoo studio run by a Richmond local, Zsa Zsa Douglas. For those who don't know, a cosmetic tattoo is a service of tattooing traditional cosmetic beautifications like eyebrows, eyeliner, freckles, and lip color amongst other services like scar camouflage.

Zsa Zsa grew up with parents who were always artistic and creative, which always encouraged her to find different ways to express herself. When she learned about cosmetic tattooing and learned what it can do for others, it spoke to her. She loved the idea of art helping someone.

She planned to open up her studio in April, but then the industry had to come to a halt for safety following the pandemic. She lost months of potential revenue and the ability to work until the mandate ended.

The studio focuses on cleanliness, accessibility, and using cruelty-free products. Trauma aware tattooing is also a big focus - this is being open and communicative to your client during the entire process to avoid any negative experiences. The studio is also completely private, making it more COVID-19 safe, and offers an intimate setting for the procedures.

Zsa Zsa Cosmetic Tattooing would like to add paramedical services to the studio in 2021 and also be able to offer pro bono or sliding scale work to those that don't have the resources to afford it. Paramedical tattooing is a service offered to people with surgery or accident scars, skin discolorations, body deformities, etc. who want to use tattoos as a form of skin, scar, or reconstructive camouflage.

The community can help this small business by spreading the word. Make appointments for any service and follow and like on their social media platforms! For more information on Zsa Zsa Cosmetic Tattooing or to make an appointment, visit their website at

Location: 3316 W Cary St Studio 107 Richmond, Virginia


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