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Locally Owned Delivery Co-op Helps Keep Restaurant Doors Open During The Pandemic

LoCo Richmond originated to help keep local restaurants' doors open during the pandemic. They educate business owners in knowing that they can have their food or service items delivered to consumers outside of their immediate service area. LoCo is a locally based delivery service supporting small businesses in Richmond. Unlike the big-name delivery apps, they don't charge high commissions on each purchase to local restaurants trying to get their food out to the customers who love it. Why? Because those local restaurant owners own LoCo Richmond too! That means LoCo Richmond is a sustainable, affordable model for small business owners, keeps your money in your community, and offers better prices and customer service for people using their platform.

Daquan and Nicole Woodberry created LoCo to help efficiently automate deliveries throughout Central Richmond, Virginia. They started managing their delivery staff about 2 1/2 years ago. They worked it by manually grouping orders to be delivered, which successfully fulfilled many orders in this manner. They knew they needed to create an efficient way of handling, so they searched for a platform to handle orders received and then a dispatching app to allocate it to available drivers for delivery.

The pandemic has not impacted their venture as it came about because of COVID-19. Delivery orders increased significantly with the local area restaurants shutting down the dine-in option. However, customers wanted the places that were still able to survive during the pandemic too. People also needed to provide meals throughout the day to their family members, who're now forced to work from home and attend school from home.

LoCo projects a staff of 50 employees to include drivers, dispatchers, and management. In the next 12 months, they expect revenue to reach up to $2.4 million.

The community can continue to support LoCo by purchasing services and items from the small businesses available on the LoCo app. The app offers catering orders, individual orders, and marketing to family and friends. This platform helps you help the small businesses in your community. To learn more about LoCo Richmond or to see the businesses they offer on their platform, please visit their website at

Location: 7574 W. Broad Street Richmond, VA 23294


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