We exist to support small businesses with simple marketing solutions.​
Think of us as your external marketing department.


CreativeMktGroup began as a start-up business on $0 capital in January 2016 and has since continued to grow organically. Founder, Natalie Toalson McNamara, determined a gap in the marketplace for small businesses and the quality, simple marketing support they so very well deserve. Furthermore, it seemed the only options available were top marketing agencies which are certainly stellar in quality, yet not typically affordable to small businesses.


As the CMG client base has grown, so has the team. And along the way, it has been challenging, but important to remain lean and process driven, in an effort to be most efficient and to, again, provide a simple marketing resource to clients.


Today and continually moving forward, CreativeMktGroup commits to finding a way to support start-up and small businesses.




From a very young age, Natalie has always envisioned extraordinary ideas for any venture or opportunity in her path. Natalie has a futuristic, go-getter attitude that aids in the ideation, development, and evolvement of any project with which she is involved. Working three jobs through high school and college, Natalie is known by everyone in her life to be one of the hardest working individuals on the planet. A born and raised Texan, a mother of two kids and two step-kids, and six years working with 100+ lawyers, there isn't a challenge that Natalie hasn't overcome.

CEO / Founder + Chief Strategist


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With a passion for social impact and training in public relations, Tara helps CMG clients make sense of chaos by connecting the dots to create impactful strategies. She believes in the power of storytelling to connect audiences with the intent of larger ideas. She loves the hustle—years in the service industry will do that to you. While juggling two jobs, Tara studied public relations and business in college and has always appreciated good creative—now she’s devoted to providing the structure to get it done. While her office rests in Richmond, Virginia, her heart resides in the mountains of Nepal, and if she’s not dreaming up new creative solutions for your company, she’s busy raising a tiny human.

Senior Strategist


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After growing up in a large family in Richmond, then spending half of her career in small business and the other half in non-profits, Margaret knows how to organize and execute a plan for most anything. Margaret has a keen sense for looking at the big picture, then filling in all of the details. She never leaves home without a fine-point Sharpie and can talk business, marketing, and operations strategy for hours. When not strategizing and transforming, Margaret loves living the ultimate mom life with her two boys and planning their next Disney vacation.

Senior Strategist


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Working with people is Syndal’s strong suit. She thrives on the energy of others while maintaining an assertive yet gracious attitude under pressure. With a degree in PR and a minor in Business from Virginia Commonwealth University, Syndal brings experience among a multifaceted background in marketing, advertising, public relations, and event planning. She has thrown herself into roles where attention to detail and transparency is key. Her curiosity for international travel has expanded her love for authentic communication. She believes in the power of connecting with people from all backgrounds and across platforms. On weekends, you can find Syndal coaching girls soccer, re-reading Harry Potter, or networking with all the doggos at local breweries. 

Marketing Account Manager


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A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, with a major in Public Relations, Amanda knows what you need to say and how you need to say it. Through her previous Marketing Manager positions, she has gained a love for the dynamic and high-energy pace of agency life. Her passion for customer service stems from her retail background, and she believes no project is complete until the customer’s expectations are exceeded. Amanda works hard to build relationships, approach projects from new angles, and continue to learn. When not coming up with new marketing campaigns, Amanda is finding a new favorite happy hour or rewatching Game of Thrones.

Marketing Account Manager


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As a highly organized and motivated individual, Hailey finds herself excelling in the fast paced world of marketing and communications. Originally from the Washington D.C. area, Hailey came to Richmond to attend Virginia Commonwealth University where she pursued a degree in Mass Communications, with a focus in Public Relations. With experience working overseas in public relations, she had the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds. It was during this time that she discovered the value of diversity among cultures, ideas and interests. Hailey loves the creativity she can express through creating personalized, authentic content and representing a wide array of clientele. When she’s not brainstorming for clients, she can be found in the yoga studio or planning her next trip abroad.

Marketing Account Manager


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Since childhood, Kristen has been passionate about all aspects of arts, including drawing, painting, and photography. Naturally as a professional, she gained the education, skill set and experience to take creative ideas and bring them to life. Born and raised in Richmond, Kristen graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Business from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her experience and background include a diverse client base within various industries, such as printing, beverage and mortgage. She loves all aspects of branding because she recognizes how personal it is and how it helps bring life and personality to one’s business. When she’s not cooking up new designs, she loves spending her time cooking, traveling, and exploring the Richmond food scene.

Digital + Print Designer


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As a Richmond native, Emily loves the close-knit feeling of the community and is eager to contribute to the city as it grows. She finds passion with helping her clients turn their stories into designs. A graduate from VCU Advertising and current student at the VCU Brandcenter, Emily understands the importance of not only marketing your business but yourself. She works hard to ensure each design is perfected in the way the client envisioned. She knows this process can be tough, but the end result is always rewarding. She is excited to continue her education while working closely with the CMG family.

Graphic Designer


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Lexi is constantly pushing herself beyond the boundaries of her comfort zone, whether it’s by taking on a new project or trying every restaurant in Richmond. Upon graduating from the University of Richmond, she plans to stretch her college budget and take a month-long trip to explore her European roots. Her passions for branding, strategy, and marketing research led her to pursue a degree in Marketing. Cultivating creative and engaging content not only drives her professionally, but also personally. In an effort to let this creative energy shine, she manages a blog about everything from trending fashion to her favorite local hangouts. Lexi is always ready for new opportunities and knows the possibilities are endless.

Marketing Coordinator


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Jen has the natural ability to engage, connect and relate to a wide array of individuals. Born and raised in the Caribbean and Latin America, Jen found her way to Richmond, Virginia via Boston, then New York. She brings years of experience in performance management and exceeding client’s expectations. Jen understands the critical role that exceptional client care plays in the success of a business, because she’s lived it.  She can also plan an event to die for! Jen’s role focuses on business development with an eye toward client relations, which allows her to identify growth opportunities. Her sweet side hustle is mixing up the best coffee cakes in town as the owner of Cakes by Jen.

Client Relations


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With a love for efficiency and an ability to relate to people and teams, Lynette brings her skills to support the operations at CMG. She has significant grassroots experience in developing, improving and managing operations for small businesses. As a mental health therapist, she utilizes her problem-solving skills and expertise to aid in the growth of start-ups and small businesses, specifically those with rapidly changing business needs. When not solving problems and growing the business, she spends her time traveling and having fun with her friends and family.

Director of Operations


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