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We exist to support start-ups, small businesses, non-profits, and associations with
simple marketing solutions.​ Think of us as your external marketing department.


CreativeMktGroup began as a start-up business on $0 capital in January 2016 and has since continued to grow organically. Founder, Natalie Toalson McNamara, determined a gap in the marketplace for small businesses and the quality, simple marketing support they so very well deserve. Furthermore, it seemed the only options available were top marketing agencies which are certainly stellar in quality, yet not typically affordable to small businesses.


As the CMG client base has grown, so has the team. And along the way, it has been challenging, but important to remain lean and process driven, in an effort to be most efficient and to, again, provide a simple marketing resource to clients.


Today and continually moving forward, CreativeMktGroup commits to finding a way to support start-ups, small businesses, non-profits, and associations.




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CEO / Founder

From a very young age, Natalie has always envisioned extraordinary ideas for any venture or opportunity in her path. Natalie has a futuristic, go-getter attitude that aids in the ideation, development, and evolvement of any project with which she is involved. Working three jobs through high school and college, Natalie is known by everyone in her life to be one of the hardest working individuals on the planet. A born and raised Texan, a mother of two boys, six years working with 100+ lawyers, and starting a business from the ground up, there isn't a challenge that Natalie hasn't overcome.


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After growing up in a large family in Richmond, then spending half of her career in small business and the other half in non-profits, Margaret knows how to organize and execute a plan for most anything. Margaret has a keen sense for looking at the big picture, then filling in all of the details. She never leaves home without a fine-point Sharpie and can talk business, marketing, and operations strategy for hours. When not strategizing and transforming, Margaret loves living the ultimate mom life with her two boys and planning their next Disney vacation.


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Originally from the Sunshine State, Jennie moved to Virginia during high school where she focused on performing and visual arts. Growing up with an entrepreneurial father, Jennie knows that creativity, hard work, and integrity go a long way in business. Starting her first business at age 20 gave Jennie an arsenal of marketing knowledge that has only grown over the years. Always with an eye for detail, Jennie is an experienced photographer and creative strategist who prides herself in being loyal, fun, kind, and empathetic. Jennie, a devoted mother to two daughters, lives in Goochland with a menagerie of 2 dogs, 2 fish, and a cat.


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Digital + Print Designer

Since childhood, Kristen has been passionate about all aspects of arts, including drawing, painting, and photography. Naturally as a professional, she gained the education, skill set and experience to take creative ideas and bring them to life. Born and raised in Richmond, Kristen graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Business from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her experience and background include a diverse client base within various industries, such as printing, beverage and mortgage. She loves all aspects of branding because she recognizes how personal it is and how it helps bring life and personality to one’s business. When she’s not cooking up new designs, she loves spending her time cooking, traveling, and exploring the Richmond food scene.


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Marketing Associate

Emmy holds a positive attitude in everything she does and is always looking for ways to help others. She loves to challenge herself everyday and is always eager to take on an opportunity to learn something new. Emmy is a graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University where she discovered her passion for social media, communications, and marketing strategy. In her career, she has been dedicated to working with clients ranging from non-profits and small businesses, including the real estate, professional services, entertainment, and wellness industries. When she’s not supporting the growth of her clients, Emmy is enjoying time with family and friends by exploring new adventures and food in Richmond and Charlottesville.


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Marketing Associate

Rachel has always had a strong love for people, wanting to learn everything about everyone. From traveling all throughout South America, experiencing the diversity of culture has given her more appreciation for the individuality in people. She takes this mindset into her work through ensuring she completely understands each of her clients’ marketing needs and builds strong relationships along the way. Rachel thrives in a high-energy, fast-paced environment, finds challenges exciting, and brings positive energy to every project. She has put her Mass Communications degree from Virginia Commonwealth University to work, gaining experience in marketing, social media coordination, and event planning. In her free time, if she’s not jetting off across continents, you’ll find her at the nearest kickboxing studio or engulfed in her love for photography.


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Graphic Designer

As a Richmond native, Emily loves the close-knit feeling of the community and is eager to contribute to the city as it grows. She finds passion with helping her clients turn their stories into designs. A graduate from VCU Advertising and current student at the VCU Brandcenter, Emily understands the importance of not only marketing your business but yourself. She works hard to ensure each design is perfected in the way the client envisioned. She knows this process can be tough, but the end result is always rewarding. She is excited to continue her education while working closely with the CMG family.


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Director of Client + Community Relations

Laura is always one to bring tenacity and enthusiasm for solving problems and eager to forge relationships with anyone. Her professional experience ranges from working as a laboratory scientist to running a small business incubator. As a graduate of Old Dominion University and Richmond-transplant, Laura is excited to offer her skills and experience to CreativeMktGroup's community of small businesses and organizations to help address their marketing needs and support their growth. Outside of work Laura is passionate about social justice, home renovation, and being a proud mom to two boys.


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Director of Administration

With a love for efficiency and an ability to relate to people and teams, Lynette brings her skills to support the operations at CMG. She has significant grassroots experience in developing, improving and managing operations for small businesses. As a mental health therapist, she utilizes her problem-solving skills and expertise to aid in the growth of start-ups and small businesses, specifically those with rapidly changing business needs. When not solving problems and growing the business, she spends her time traveling and having fun with her friends and family.


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