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Marketing Your Favorite Brands as an Ambassador

Every day we each wear and promote brands. Most of us prefer certain brands over others, such as Nike running shoes, Starbucks coffee, or a Cannondale bicycle. We go to great lengths to pose a selfie with our coffee cups in order to tell the world on social media about our favorite coffee drink or to showcase our cool exercise equipment. We are not only marketing these brands, but serving as their brand ambassadors.

Historically, brand ambassadors are famous celebrities and athletes and according to Wikipedia, defined as 'a person who is hired by an organization or company to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness and sales’. But more than ever today, brand ambassadors are the girls or guys next door and their goal is to simply tell the world about their favorite brands. Furthermore, Wikipedia states that nowadays, ‘The brand ambassador's job is to drive results through communication tools either publicly, such as social media, or privately including emails, messaging and further one-to-one channels.’

As a consumer, we are each capable of serving as a modern day brand ambassador and most of us do it every day without even thinking about it. As for CreativeMktGroup, part of our commitments to clients and the community is to collectively and individually serve as CreativeMktGroup Brand Ambassadors. Beginning Summer 2018, the CreativeMktGroup will make an intentional effort to showcase our ambassador efforts. Stay tuned for some exciting, creative, and informative updates!

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