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Online Social Media Training

At CreativeMktGroup, we find that professionals and business owners of all shapes and sizes have questions about how and why to utilize social media.

Earlier this week, CreativeMktGroup conducted an online live training for a nationwide group of sales people at, a digital archive and internet storage company for photographs, documents, videos, and audio files. Training was conducted at 9PM EST in order to reach participants in all US and Canada time zones. Topics ranged from: the difference between a Facebook business page and a Facebook personal page to the tips and tricks of increasing overall reach of posts.

As a committed brand ambassador of past and current clients, CreativeMktGroup encourages everyone of all ages to check out the great products offered by They have some great ideas for holiday cards and gifts. If you want personalized support, contact a representative - Lisa Kirkley (in Oklahoma) or Lorrie Curley (in Virginia).

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