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CMG Client: Himmel Hume Architecture

Early Spring 2018, Himmel Hume approached CMG with the question of 'how do we change our perception?'. As a very reputable business, this question was not about the quality of their work, but the type of work they concentrate and specialize. Over the last ten years, Jef Hume and Bob Himmel have designed hundreds of architectural projects in both residential and commercial properties, but as it turns out, they were only known for residential work where as 70% of their business was commercial. There in lied the branding challenge for CMG - to position Himmel Hume as a 'Commercial Architecture Firm'. We continue to support their business as their 'dedicated marketing resource'.



Issue: Client's businesses demanded brand to be known for commercial architecture work.

Solution: CMG collaborated with the Client regularly over 12-months to completely transform their overall brand and reposition their perception.

Deliverables: Market Research / Competitive Analysis / Surveys / Logo / Website / Photography / Social Media / Email Marketing / Promotional Items / Business Cards


Himmel Hume Architecture

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