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Lead. Learn. Grow. Robin Green Podcast Episode 018 Featuring Natalie Toalson McNamara, Owner of Crea

CreativeMktGroup would like to send out a special thanks for featuring our very own, Natalie Toalson McNamara, in Robin Green's latest 'Lead. Learn. Grow.' podcast. As Natalie says, "It was an experience like no other I have been involved with. There was no time to prepare for the perfect answer, there were no re-do responses, and in the digital world that we live in to take 20 pictures until we get it just right - well, that just doesn't exist with podcasts. What you hear are the real, raw answers. I, myself, even cringed a few times wondering how I was going to answer Robin's questions."

Thank you, Robin Green, for this opportunity to share wisdom and perspective to some very hot and interesting topics.

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