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We recently ran a social media campaign about our simplistic branding and marketing solutions that allow clients the ability to grow to the next level. One of our talented interns, Callie Donovan provided five graphics (one for each Solution), which were then highlighted on our various social media platforms.

See all five Solutions below...

Branding is the foundation of business identity and necessary to establish prior to promoting your business through traditional marketing. The more pronounced, attractive, and unique, the more likely you can build a successful business.

Our most common branding package is for start-up businesses, business ventures, or new business brands. The CreativeMktGroup Startup Branding Package includes a logo design, business card design, simple landing page, and social media profile set-up.

Digital marketing is a simplistic and easy way to reach the masses in the most efficient manner. More importantly, we believe authentic, genuine content is most relevant and well received by a defined target audience.

Our digital marketing packages are simplistic and aimed to support startup and small businesses with content generation, social media advertising, email, blogging, reputation management, and online directories.

Business development is an evolution of marketing that requires your business to develop relationships within your target audience and its ecosystems. It is crucial to define key areas of concentration and an appropriate plan of action.

Our business development packages support startup and small businesses with CRM, networking, and social impact.

Public relations is a profound way to promote your business to a large audience through a third party. It requires that your business does research and defines a significant impact on the community and/or those you are serving.

Our PR packages are simplistic and aimed to support startup and small businesses with press releases, interview training, advertising, internal/external communications, and media placement.

Advertising is an excellent way to 'pay' to reach the masses. Yet more so than other marketing tactics, advertising typically requires spending significant marketing dollars, therefore it is essential to spend wisely.

We support our clients with advertising consulting, strategy and execution with regards to print, social media, SEO, radio, television, billboards, trade shows, sponsorships, influencers and much more.

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