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CMG Client: Vance IP

David Vance recently reached out to us to help him articulate his brand. Established in 2003, David came to us with a long list of credentials including a PhD. In Chemistry, J.D., and over 25 years of experience in patent preparation and prosecution. Talented and reputable, David was primarily using referrals to expand his business but was ready to start marketing to a larger audience. Coming to us from Charlottesville, we made the most of a one-day session together and developed his key messaging and visual collateral to express VanceIP.



Issue: David needed a brand identity to compete with larger firms and continue to expand his business.

Solution: We collaborated with David to articulate how his experience, personality and understanding of the industry all created his brand, VanceIP and helped him to better service his clients in order to protect their 'next big thing'.

Deliverables: Competitor Research / Key Messaging / Logo / Brand Style Guide / Business Cards / Rack Card / LinkedIn Support / Website


Vance IP


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