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CMG Small Business Strong Features Cavalier Produce

Cavalier Produce is a locally owned wholesale distribution company. They provide the freshest produce, speciality items, seafood and cheeses to families, restaurants, and businesses in Central Virginia.

How has their business shifted as a result of the COVID-19 crisis?

As mentioned in a recent article published by Richmond Times-Dispatch, Cavalier has switched it’s business model by allowing customers to order cheese, eggs, fruit, and produce and pick it up from one of three central locations in the Richmond area. The company normally supplies to restaurants, colleges and retirement homes, who have recently halted all business. With Cavalier Produce still receiving their regular shipment of produce and other items, but seeing a significant drop in supplying their regular customers, they have decided to supply new ones - as in directly to the people. They are now offering curbside pick-up for groceries. This reduces contact between people and supports your local businesses.

How are they giving back to the community?

This initiative was all made for Cavalier Produce to give back to their community by helping restaurant workers who have been impacted and helping local growers and producers get their products to market.

How can you support this small business during this time?

Not only are they offering this service, they are encouraging customers to participate in their buy-a-box and give-a-box program. By donating $10 with each order, this program allows them to give a box of produce to a local restaurant employee negatively impacted by this crisis. For more information about Cavalier Produce, visit their website at


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