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CMG Small Business Strong Features Money Momentum

Money Momentum’s mission is to impact and improve people’s lives. They are a world-class money training and coaching company working in partnership with individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to provide positive money solutions for personal finance.

How has their business shifted as a result of the COVID-19 crisis?

The financial health of individuals and families across America was not good prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Studies show that nearly 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and 60% of Americans have to go into debt immediately to cover an emergency of $1000 or more. Money Momentum thinks more than anything, the current financial crisis has magnified how unwell American finances truly are; they haven’t shifted their training and coaching philosophy in the least because they already knew these statistics. What they have done is pivoted to really become even more of a guide during this very strenuous time. Money Momentum has reached out to past and current clients to check in on their financial situations, ensuring there hasn’t been a job loss. If any clients have been affected by a job loss, they are there to guide them through the steps to claim unemployment, identify their bare-bones budget, and develop a creditor/lender contact plan.

What is Money Momentum doing to give back to others?

Money Momentum is letting people know they’re here and taking people through the financial crisis process; catching them where they are and walking with them. They can provide a quick 15-minute call all the way through a free one-hour coaching session to implement a crisis plan. They’re not concerned about getting paid for crisis coaching. The biggest concern is ensuring people have the ability to feed themselves and their families, keep the lights on, have a roof over their heads, and keep their transportation up and running.

How can you support this small business during this time?

Refer Money Momentum’s services to those you care for and love. Consider them a financial triage company at this point in time. Furthermore, when this all passes, more employers might consider implementing a financial wellness and coaching program in their place of business. Money Momentum wants people to live abundantly in all five circles of personal growth (spiritual, self, family, business/career, and FINANCIALLY). While they concentrate on the financials to make money less painful, they also touch on many of these other areas during the training and coaching process because more often than not, it’s not all about the money. For more information about Money Momentum, visit their website at


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