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CMG Small Business Strong Features Filmspire

Filmspire is a video production and animation studio, owned and operated by Taylor Quinn in Richmond, VA. Their mission is to create films that inspire action. Filmspire takes their client's video content further by also providing video marketing strategies. This video production and animation studio services all of VA and neighboring states.

How has their business shifted as a result of the COVID-19 crisis?

All of Filmspire’s work has centered around doing live-action, in-person, filming. COVID-19 has made it more challenging. However, there’s still the ability to film people, 1-on-1, and maintain a distance of 6 feet. For some clients, Filmspire is coaching them on how to film themselves and editing their video remotely. COVID-19 has motivated them to roll out a brand new service. Filmspire is excited to announce that it is now offering animated video services. Animated explainer videos are great for explaining the processes or services provided to your clients. Also, they can be really helpful when explaining concepts within your industry. Animation can all be done remotely, which is great during this time. There are three animation video packages people can choose from.

How is Filmspire giving back to the community during this time?

During this time, Taylor Quinn, owner of Filmspire, has volunteered his services to his church. City Church isn't live streaming their Sunday worship services. Instead, they are providing people with home worship guides. These home worship guides have included short videos from their pastor, who gives words of encouragement. These videos have given a lot of people hope, peace, and a feeling of connectedness during this time.

How can you support this small business during this time?

Video is still the best marketing investment businesses can make and Filmspire believes, now more than ever, customers want to hear from businesses. They’re encouraging organizations to produce video content and are here to help them do that safely. For businesses that might be hesitant right now to do any in-person filming, they’re encouraged to invest their time and marketing dollars into animation. For anyone who is interested in connecting with Taylor Quinn or would like to learn more about Filmspire’s services, visit their website at


CreativeMktGroup is known for supporting the growth and success of small businesses and organizations in Richmond, VA and throughout the world. As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, CreativeMktGroup has developed a campaign called Small Business Strong. Every day, we will feature and promote a small business and/or organization and how it supports the livelihood of others. If you would like CreativeMktGroup to feature your story, please contact

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