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CMG Small Business Strong Features The Savory Grain

The Savory Grain Restaurant and Craft Beer House is Richmond’s top destination for delicious New American dining. They strive to offer the best local ingredients and a huge variety of draft beers in order to create a diverse seasonal menu that appeals to the die hard “foodie” as well as some good ole’ classic comfort dishes everyone can enjoy. ​The name is “Savory” for the savory comfort food and “Grain” for the 20 plus taps of craft beer, featuring many of our local breweries.

How has The Savory Grain shifted as a result of the COVID-19 crisis?

The Savory Grain takes the health of guests and staff very seriously as their team continues to use the greatest precautions maintaining a healthy and safe prep and work environment. They’re now scaled back to a minimal staff and doubled down on scheduled clorox and sanitizing routines so they can continue to do what they do best. They’ve adjusted their business model to hold to the current social distancing standards with curbside pickup, online ordering from their website, and delivery services (Postmates, Grubhub, ChopChop, and QuicknessRVA).

How has The Savory Grain given back to the community during this time?

In an effort to remain open for customers, and staff, The Savory Grain created Family Meals with large portions for families or groups isolating that can be ordered online or over the phone for curbside pick-up, keeping with no contact policies. They’re also offering free delivery to local neighborhoods and daycare centers, as well as low cost delivery options for individuals. Having a strong role in community care, and their partnerships with charitable groups in Richmond have always been and will remain a major part of The Savory Grain’s mission. On April 8th they’ll be donating 10% of our proceeds to the Richmond SPCA! Keep that date in mind to help our four legged friends, who by the way are still up for adoption during this time!

The Savory Grain has also been giving out meals to anyone that comes by looking for work or help, as many in the industry have been laid off due to closures. They have been able to find creative solutions to keep as much of our staff working as possible, and have plans to volunteer as a group at a local food bank to help make sure everyone going through a hard time in our city is fed.

How can you support this small business during this time?

There are three ways you can help support The Savory Grain during these difficult times:

+ Spread the word about the $35 family meals to your friends, family and order one for yourself this week! All 6 options come with large portions that feed for 4-6. This is a lot of comfort for just a little money and can be picked up curbside or delivered with over the phone payments for no contact service! You can also order from their dinner menu during this time as well as order beer and wine.

+ Follow their social media closely and like or share posts! Their Instagram and Facebook is updated regularly and sharing this information with your friends list helps get the word out.

+ Take advantage of their current gift card specials! This is a great way to treat yourself or a friend, and take care of your favorite local spot! Purchase a minimum of a $30 gift card, get a free $10 gift card, or purchase a minimum of a $60 gift card, get a free $25 gift card! Buying gift cards now helps keep The Savory Grain moving forward and gives you something to look forward to when life is back to normal!

For more information about The Savory Grain, visit their website at


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