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CMG Small Business Strong Features Signature Teambuilding

Signature Teambuilding is a small, Richmond-based business that provides facilitated team building and leadership development programs to small and large businesses. The key differentiator to their type of team building experiences are the expert facilitation and learning that come through their experience-based, hands-on learning process. Their programs are specifically and intentionally designed to be outcome-based and promote individual growth in order to foster deeper connected teams.

How has their small business shifted as a result of coronavirus?

The work at Signature Teambuilding is hands-on and experiential so it is difficult to make work in a virtual environment where people cannot be together. When they have had requests for virtual team building for remote work teams in the past they have always resisted it because it just didn’t seem to fit with the kind of work they’ve been successful doing. However, as they say…”Necessity is the mother of invention”. So, Signature Teambuilding did what they ask their clients to do during their programs - look at their business through a different lens. After reviewing hundreds of activities they have on hand, they asked themselves three questions:

+ Do people HAVE to be together for this activity?

+ Can it still engage participants?

+ Can people still have the “A-ha” learning moment that makes Signature Teambuilding unique?

After a solid week of review, they found 10 different activities that they have confidence in. This new program is called Virtual Teams.

What has Signature Teambuilding done to be innovative and creative in order for their business to survive this economic crisis?

Signature Teambuilding has been doing this work in Richmond for 40 years. They have been through it all from the boom of the 90’s to the bust to 9/11 to 2008 financial crises, and now this one. They are small, nimble, smart, creative and innovative. As one of the first companies of their kind in the team building industry, Signature Teambuilding has watched the industry change. Rather than jump on the bandwagon of the next “fad” in team building, they have stayed true to their mission and the work they feel is important. They have pivoted and changed... not to react but to be proactive and continue to lead. Even in this situation with COVID-19, they are not reacting. Yes, their main business is down and won’t come back until people can get back together in groups but Signature Teambuilding is simply re-thinking what they already do and packaging it in a format that can be used today given all of the restrictions. They are only doing this because they are confident that their product and the results it delivers can also stand the test of social-distancing. Much like Signature Teambuilding aims to meet their groups where they are, they’re ready to meet the new (hopefully temporary) model for business where it is.

How can you support this small business during this time?

Signature Teambuilding is not much different than the small town, sit-down eating establishments. Most of them haven’t come up with a completely new menu, people know them for the food and service they have always made. Most restaurants have simply adjusted to “take-out” maybe in an enhanced way or maybe for the first time. Signature Teambuilding is the same. They still deliver the same high quality, experiential activities and still remain outcome-focused but have adapted their programs to work in the current climate. They have reduced their pricing by 75% so more and more people can take advantage of their programs. The uniquely awesome thing about supporting Signature Teambuilding by participating in their new Virtual Teams program is that there is a return in the investment. Their clients are truly supporting themselves at the same time. Invest not only in the small businesses in the community, but also in your own team, company, group, or people. Truly though, the best thing anyone can do in the current business climate is to support small business by spreading the word and talking about it. Sure, if you have a need and can support them yourself, do it. If you can’t, spread the word because there is always someone looking for it and can’t find it no matter what it is. For more information on Signature Teambuilding, visit their website at


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