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CMG Small Business Strong Features Joe Dunn, George Mason Mortgage LLC

Joe Dunn has been in the mortgage business for 27 years. He first opened his office, George Mason Mortgage (owned by United Bank), in Richmond 7 years ago. They do all types of residential mortgage lending; purchases, construction loans and refinances.

How has his business shifted as a result of the COVID-19 crisis?

All of George Mason Mortgage’s employees are working from home. Joe Dunn is in the office most days by himself. He isn’t meeting with clients or referral sources, attending closings, etc. He spends most of his time on phone calls, all day every day. Joe Dunn considers himself a very social person, so this new way is definitely not the way he likes to work.

What has Joe Dunn done to be innovative and creative in order for his business to survive this economic crisis?

Joe Dunn has been featuring a lot of client videos on his social media. He spends lots of time on conference calls, zoom calls and/or meetings and drops off flyers to his referral sources as well. He runs a big charity celebrity golf tournament in Richmond every year that gives a lot of money to a local non profit, the Youth Life Foundation of Richmond. During the pandemic, he is really trying to support local businesses by doing what he can…carry out, gift cards, and increasing donations to nonprofits. The little things.

How can you support his small business during this time?

The mortgage lending industry can really be a leader out of these tumultuous times right now. Rates are unbelievably good. If you have a home, you should look to refinance it and save money or consolidate debt and save even more money. He believes NOW is the time to buy. Rates are great, home prices are stable and there are some good deals on the market. For more information, you can contact Joe Dunn through Facebook or LinkedIn.


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