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CMG Small Business Strong Features The 288 Group

The 288 Group is a team of broad thinkers and proactive problem solvers who work with you to connect you to your consumers through branded travel, events, and sports experiences. As a company, they have been derailed by COVID-19 but have been working to push through.Their travel department, 288 Travel, has been working with their clients throughout this time. 288 Travel is an event housing and services agency that assists clientele in their needs for hotel housing and services needed to make their events successful.

How has their small business shifted as a result of the COVID-19 crisis?

288 Travel has been affected during the COVID-19 crisis through all spring event cancellations. Of course, the loss experienced by these cancellations is deeper than simply the months of work that went into contracting with hotels to get the best available rate for event attendees. These cancellations also result in financial loss for their clients.

What has The 288 Group done to be innovative and creative in order for their business to survive this economic crisis?

288 Travel has kept their foot in the door with their clients. Even though events have been cancelled, they are still communicating with the clients to see how they can assist in future events. They are assisting in the rescheduling process and helping to figure out what incentives the event can provide to get the attendees to come back.

How can you support your small business during this time?

If anyone has an event in which they need assistance for housing or other event services, or would like help with rescheduling an event that was cancelled, please let The 288 Group know. For more information on The 288 Group, visit their website at


CreativeMktGroup is known for supporting the growth and success of small businesses and organizations in Richmond, VA and throughout the world. As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, CreativeMktGroup has developed a campaign called Small Business Strong. Every day, we will feature and promote a small business and/or organization and how it supports the livelihood of others. If you would like CreativeMktGroup to feature your story, please contact

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