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CMG Small Business Strong Features Wyatt Construction

Wyatt Construction is a small, custom, general contracting business located in Salem, Oregon. Geoff Wyatt, the owner and operator, has been remodeling and building new custom residential and commercial spaces since 1991.

How has their business shifted as a result of the COVID-19 crisis?

With Stay at Home orders in place, construction is still considered an essential activity in Oregon. Wyatt Construction is grateful to have a software system in place that allows them to communicate with clients digitally and provide real-time updates with photos and videos; this is particularly helpful for clients who choose to relocate while work is still being done. They have had to adjust their previous working conditions in that now they only allow one sub-contractor at a time in a location to reduce exposure and, of course, masks and gloves are a recent addition to protocol.

What has Wyatt Construction done to be innovative and creative in order for their business to survive this economic crisis?

For current commercial projects, Wyatt Construction is now working weekends to accommodate the time employees are out of the office. The safety of their clients and subs is of utmost importance. They have recently rebranded, with the help of CreativeMktGroup, and increased their weekly presence on social media which has increased their reach locally and regionally. There are a lot of options in their industry so it has been important for them to communicate how Wyatt Construction is different from other contractors.

How can you help this small business during this time?

Wyatt Construction would love to meet with you digitally, over Zoom, or in person, with protocols in place, to discuss new projects you may have on the horizon! For more information, visit their website at


CreativeMktGroup is known for supporting the growth and success of small businesses and organizations in Richmond, VA and throughout the world. As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, CreativeMktGroup has developed a campaign called Small Business Strong. Every day, we will feature and promote a small business and/or organization and how it supports the livelihood of others. If you would like CreativeMktGroup to feature your story, please contact

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