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CMG Client: The Collaboratory of Virginia

At Encorepreneur's July 2019 networking event, Natalie T. McNamara, CreativeMktGroup's Founder, and Andrew Pegalis with S.L. Nusbaum were introduced by a mutual connection. They immediately began talking about the many synergies they had in common within the Richmond business community as well as a developing project he had just joined to help build a non-profit incubator in the Richmond, VA. Thereafter, CreativeMktGroup met with Andrew and Adrienne Wright, CVA Co-founder and the current CEO/President of U-Turn Inc. to discuss what is now The Collaboratory of Virginia. Andrew and Adrienne's first question? "What do you think of 'The Collaboratory of Virginia' as the name for this new non-profit incubator?" Of course, we loved it! From there, CreativeMktGroup and The Collaboratory of Virginia began a partnership to bring the concept to life and continue to support the ongoing evolution of CVA.



Issue: The Collaboratory of Virginia needed a brand identity for a non-profit co-working space to help build its presence in the Richmond area and within a reasonable budget that was affordable to a non-profit.

Solution: CMG and the CVA continually work collaboratively in phases to evolve the incubator concept. The first phase included logo design; business card design and printing; website user experience, strategy, and development; messaging; social media and email marketing set-up; and marketing strategy. The proceeding phases thus far have included additional website user experience, strategy, and development; marketing strategy; community partnerships; and content strategy.

Deliverables: Website UX + Strategy + Development / Logo Design / Social Media Content Strategy + Set-up / Business Card Design / Marketing Strategy


The Collaboratory of Virginia

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