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Wedding Photographer Shifts To Serve Small Gatherings

Paige Stevens is a photographer who captures people’s life stories. She photographs weddings, families, seniors and creative headshots.

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, there have been a lot of detours and rescheduling. She has been unable to book any further family, senior or creative headshot sessions until she knows when the state will open back up. Thankfully for her, there are brides and grooms who are still planning and reaching out and she has been able to do Facetime and Zoom calls with them and other clients rather than meeting in person.

Not being able to venture out and do business as usual, Paige Stevens has had to be innovative and creative to allow her photography business to survive. She has been photographing and documenting her own family. She’s enjoyed capturing the fun activities they’ve done at their home during this time as well as advertising 6-feet apart headshots. Paige has spent some of her time participating in an online live-chat with Richmond Weddings with 3 other photographers where she answered questions brides and grooms submitted about how to keep planning during this time.

With things the way they are, Paige Stevens Photography believes we are going to see an increase

in small, intimate weddings. These kinds of weddings are her favorite! The way to show your support during this crisis is to reach out to small businesses like Paige Stevens Photography. If you’d like to read more about her and the deals she is offering, visit her website at

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