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Client Feature: RAWL

In January, CMG was introduced to a new client looking to make some significant changes to their brand as well as create a consistent digital marketing presence. The president of Ronald A. Williams, Ltd., a technology education solutions provider, wanted to go through a full rebrand, including a name change and logo redesign, as well as building a new website in order to better align with their clientele. After an 8-week journey, the client revealed their new name, RAWL, along with their modernized branding, featuring new business cards and a website. Additionally, CMG created and executed content on several social media channels, advised RAWL on blogging strategies, and created a branded e-newsletter. The CMG team enjoys the continued support they can provide for RAWL’s digital marketing strategies.



Issue: Client wanted to better align their brand with their clientele to stay relevant in the technology education product field.

Solution: CMG and RAWL collaborated consistently over an 8-week time period to identify a brand strategy including new colors, logo, business cards, and a website. CMG also created and executed social media content during this time and continues to provide this ongoing support.

Deliverables: Logo / Brand Style Guide / Marketing Strategy / Brand Messaging / Website / Social Media / Business Cards / Blog




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