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Real Estate Brokers Focus On Client Relationships During Economic Crisis

Have Site Will Travel® and The Man with Square Feet® are commercial real estate brokers and consultants who, in essence, deal with “sticks, bricks and dirt”. Instead of representing landlords, they represent the user and occupants of commercial real estate. They act as the commercial real estate department for their clients, which includes people who pay rent as a tenant or a mortgage as an owner, public or private institutions, for profit or nonprofit organizations, trusts, families, or lender/financial institutions.

Have Site Will Travel and The Man with Square Feet serve to answer client questions and provide solutions to any commercial real estate needs. They work with all users of commercial real estate who may be growing in size, shrinking, trying to find the right size for their needs, or who just need general CRE advice. With over 40 years of experience, TMWSF expands across more than 40 states and continues to grow to this day. So far, they have completed 43 million square feet worth of deals, and that number is only increasing.

Have Site Will Travel has recently placed a greater emphasis on responding quickly to the needs and wants of existing clients. Now more than ever, they must stay in touch with current clients and continue to build on those relationships, even through the uncertainty of the current situation. However, they are always looking for new prospects to help with commercial real estate needs as well.

Putting in the extra work to survive the current economic crisis has never been more crucial to their business. Working consistent hours through the week in addition to some extra hours at home is what keeps them moving in the right direction. Essentially, they are treating these days just like any day prior to COVID-19. Have Site Will Travel is currently working to obtain their PPP to ensure that business continues to grow as it has drastically in recent years.

If you have questions about real estate needs and concerns, feel free to reach out to John Jay Schwarts via phone, 804-350-1866, or email,, or visit their website.

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