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Client Feature: The Richmond Strikers

In early 2020, The Richmond Strikers, a non-profit youth athletic club, contacted CMG for their help in creating a formalized sponsorship program to support the club’s mission to provide unsurpassed individual development, family enrichment and community connection through team sports. The executive director and his team had interest from businesses who were looking for an advertising source, along with individuals who wanted to support the operations of the organization; however, the Client did not have a formalized outline of giving options. Over an 8-week timeline, the CMG team hosted a series of facilitated conversations around sponsorship opportunities and benefits, made site visits to explore these options in-person, created a formalized sponsorship document for marketing purposes, and developed a website wireframe of a new sponsorship page for the Client to implement on their existing site.



Issue: Client needed a formalized sponsorship opportunities document for marketing purposes.

Solution: CMG collaborated with the Client over an 8-week time period by hosting facilitated conversations around sponsorship opportunities and benefits associated with the support levels, site visits, creation of a 2-page branded PDF marketing piece, and a website wireframe of a new page to add to the Client’s existing website, featuring the sponsorship information.

Deliverables: Facilitated Dialogue / Market Research / Sponsorship Document / Wireframe


The Richmond Strikers


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