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Local Sweet Potato Pie Company Turned 6th-Generation Recipe Into A Business

Joye B. Moore, owner of Joyebells Sweet Potato Pies and an advocate for mental health

wellness, is a thriving survivor of an untreated mentally ill mother. Homeless at 14 years old, Joye would find herself living in abandoned houses and eating out of dumpsters in South Dallas. So Joye knows first hand the importance of mental health support and resources.

Joye has spent the past 5 years working to create equal access to quality out-of-school time

expanded learning opportunities for Title 1-RPS middle schoolers after school. She credits an after-school program with her own academic success while homeless. It afforded her the opportunity to graduate high school on-time and to thrive rather than becoming a statistic.

In the spring of 2019, Joye worked for a nonprofit that underwent a restructuring that resulted in the elimination of her position. She saw this as the perfect opportunity to start over. It resolved the need to be more flexible as one of the primary caregivers for her adult son with mental-health challenges and to go after her long-time dream of owning her own business.

Joyebells Sweet Potato Pies makes Joye the 6th-generation of women in her family to follow the family sweet potato pie recipe but the 1st-generation to turn this family tradition into a business. Joyebells strives to have her pies retailed in every major grocery chain in the U.S. and servicing all communities. Joyebells Sweet Potato Pies are North Carolina styled desserts bursting with flavor! It's a legacy recipe from Joyebells’ 3rd-great grandmother and has been handed down with love for six-generations.

In an effort to be a link in the chain of quality foods servicing the Richmond area during the pandemic and to remain operational, Joyebells received ServSafe/COVID19 Take Out Certification. She focused efforts on increasing online engagement and brand awareness while also offering curbside pickup of her online sales. Joyebells is working to offer nationwide shipping soon. They have been able to maintain their online presence through a combination of online ads, giveaways and the Joyebells Family Photo Album, where customers send in pictures, videos and social tags of them enjoying Joyebells desserts. These are shared with the Joyebells family members on their social channels.

Joyebells is so thankful for everyone who has supported Richmond small businesses and supported Joyebells! To place a curbside pickup order or learn more about Joyebells, visit the website at

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