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Orthotics Provider Reopens with In-Store Appointments

The Good Feet Store is dedicated to helping the community live an active and healthy lifestyle one step at a time through arch supports. Their arch supports are designed to readjust, realign, and reposition the foot, which has helped customers find relief from many foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back issues. As a company, The Good Feet Store’s mission is not just about sales, but about impacting the local community. Customers can check out the community boards that highlight the company’s engagement with local nonprofits displayed in each store.

Only a month before COVID-19 had the store temporarily close their doors, they were in full-on growth mode. They had acquired several new stores in North Carolina and Virginia and their biggest concern at that time was recruiting new talent, something that COVID-19 brought to an abrupt stop.

The personalized nature of their arch support fittings requires close interaction with their customers. With the safety of their customers and employees in mind, however, they decided to close their doors. As a small business that relies solely on brick and mortar sales, the temporary close had them switching gears. They had to prepare a safe environment for reopening and find non-traditional ways to generate revenue.

In order to prepare for the return of customers to the store, they changed their process to allow for new capacity maximums, sanitation standards, and social distancing guidelines. Over the six weeks they were closed, they saw how much their products are still needed. With that in mind, they know they can face the demands of the future reality.

Now more than ever, they want to live out their mission of helping the community live an active and healthy lifestyle. Anyone experiencing foot, knee, hip, or back pain can call to set up an appointment for a free personalized demonstration of their arch supports or visit their website to learn more about them here:

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