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Locally Sourced Bloody Mary Mix Company Demonstrates Small Business Appreciation

Back Pocket Provisions is a social enterprise that supports small farmers in the community by crafting all-natural Bloody Mary mix from “ugly” heirloom tomatoes and other sustainably-sourced ingredients.

As a result of the current crisis, Back Pocket Provisions has increased e-commerce sales and local deliveries, as well as run more online campaigns in lieu of in-person events, in-store tastings and wholesale to bars and food service partners. Their social media presence helps them stay connected with customers and the small business community even when they can’t gather together. With summer around the corner, they’re also beginning to think about what it will take to process tens of thousands of pounds of local fruits and vegetables into the fresh juice they use as the base of their mixes.

As a social enterprise, one of their core values is creative collaboration, and the COVID-19 crisis has underscored how important it is to have healthy relationships with other small businesses and social enterprises here in Virginia and beyond. Small businesses are a community, and Back Pocket Provisions has stepped up efforts to support that community just as others are supporting them.

They started by launching their #25aWeek campaign on social media where they asked online followers to share appreciation for a small business in their town. Each week, they pick a submission and give its author a $25 gift card to their chosen business. This initiative has shown them how much even this small gesture brightens people’s weeks – not only to win a free gift card, but to hear that customers see and appreciate what local businesses do for them every day.

They’re also finding new ways to package products into collections that feature other local makers. They started with a Mother’s Day Care Package put together with five other businesses, and are working now with many additional businesses on product collections that they know the combined customers will love.

The easiest way to support Back Pocket Provisions is to buy their product. Given the current climate, a Bloody Mary may be the perfect solution, especially when it supports local farmers! You can also check out to order their products by mail, and follow their social media @backpocketprovisions to find them at South of the James Farmers Market and beyond. Whether you enjoy Bloody Marys or not, Back Pocket Provisions asks that you support small farmers in any way you can, as it has never been more important to protect our local food chain.

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