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Client Feature: Archstone Counseling & Treatment

Archstone is a provider of intensive outpatient treatment for substance abuse disorders. They provide an atmosphere that is non-judgemental and safe, and a plan to learn about addiction and heal your hurts in a comfortable way. They specialize in trauma, substance abuse, and complexity, as well as innovative practices of intensive outpatient treatment for substance abuse disorders. We were originally introduced to Susan Archer and Mason Whipp of Archstone Counseling & Treatment by our friends at EDGe Business Planning in the Summer of 2018.



Issue: Archstone Counseling & Treatment was in the midst of designing a new brand identity and logo, but needed a new creative perspective. Their timeline was quick as they had just leased a new building and needed to establish a brand identity and website in order to increase their patients and revenue to support their growth. Solution: CMG and Archstone quickly established a new logo, then shortly thereafter launched a new website landing page. For the following few months, we worked collaboratively week after week until the brand and marketing plan was fully developed and implemented, which included all of the deliverables below. Impact: As described by the Client, "The CreativeMktGroup team was fun to work with and started where we were in our process, which was a bit messy! We were also in a bit of a rush and CMG was ultra accommodating to adhering to our timeline appropriately." Deliverables: Brand Identity / Brand Research / Logo Design + Packaging / Brand Style Guide / Website Strategy + Design / Business Card Design + Printing / Flyer Design + Printing / Headshot Photography / Signage / Social Media Marketing / Strategic Marketing Planning / Email Marketing / Business Development Strategy


Archstone Counseling & Treatment


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