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24-Hour Emergency Service Company Encourages The Richmond Community To Support Local Businesses

Restoration Specialists of Virginia (RSVA) is a 24-hour emergency service company specializing in fire damage restoration, water mitigation, mold remediation, content cleaning, packing, moving, carpet cleaning, and HVAC duct cleaning.

They love to help people and their community! They find joy in turning a bad situation into a positive experience. Seeing people happy and back on their feet is the most rewarding feeling to the people at RSVA.

All of their technicians wear gloves and masks as much as possible on all job sites. The volume of work has decreased slightly which has given the RSVA team the opportunity to focus on fine tuning their process, as well as their employee development, training, and safety programs. All of this in turn will improve customer service which is number 1 to everyone at RSVA.

Typically, this industry is not drastically affected by much. There are unfortunately always going to be fires, floods, and mold issues that people are going to need assistance with. RSVA is not a big franchise so they do not have the luxury of having work fed to them from a corporate office or insurance programs. They have been doing everything in their power to build on their company brand and get their name out there. They are currently using many social media platforms, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, and BBB to promote the company and showcase their customer service. They are also working to build their website.

The community can support RSVA by helping them get in front of as many people as possible. It’s hard to do their job and help people in their time of need if people have never heard of them. You can spread awareness of this small business by sharing their Facebook and Google pages with friends and family. Also knowing and sharing that, as a homeowner, you have the right to choose the company that will be performing work after you file an insurance claim. Most insurance companies hand out a preferred vendor list or assign a company through some type of program. RSVA believes that sometimes this can confuse an insured into thinking that they have to choose someone on that list. The companies that are on that list may do great work, but RSVA always recommends that you do some research before hiring anyone. There is a perk to hiring local, independently-owned companies over corporations and franchises. You will leave with a more personalized experience and will have supported your local small business community. For more information on Restoration Specialists of Virginia, visit their Facebook page at

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