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English Immersion Program Expands to Richmond Market

English Language Solutions is a language immersion program for all English language and professional training needs. Angelina Calvo Stevenson, a seasoned Director of Learning & Performance functions and Global English Language programs for financial services firms, is pleased to introduce the Richmond Center for Intensive English Immersion to her community. Her goal is to establish Richmond as a key destination for English training and immersion for a wide variety of interested participants. The Richmond community will benefit by becoming “top of mind” internationally for corporate English language learning needs. Moreover, this international outreach will generate local employment and have a significant impact on its economy.

The Richmond Center for Intensive English Immersion targets international business professionals from all industries, diplomats and any adult who seeks fast, proven, cost-effective methods to master the English language. They offer the following services:

1. Total English Immersion Programs: 1, 2, 3, or 4-week programs fully immersed in the English language. Participation in classroom learning, sightseeing activities, outdoor training, corporate simulation and mini-workshops. Led by highly qualified, results-driven instructors and coaches, native English speakers, and experts in adult learning principles.

2. Consulting Services to Implement Successful Global English Language: Global English Language Programs for multinational companies to systematically implement an English language program in overseas offices.

3. Management Development Workshops: 8 or 16-hour workshops focused on effective business writing, effective presentations, time management, instructor skills, high performance teams, international corporate etiquette and cross cultural training.

4. Translating and Interpretation Services: Services include government certified translations, Spanish/English language consulting, interpreting conference calls, website translation, live consecutive interpretation, HR training aides, software translation and email interpreting.

Due to the recent effects of COVID-19, the Richmond Center for Intensive English Immersion has had to make a significant shift from instructor-led classroom delivery to online learning delivery. This change involved learning how to optimize Zoom and Nearpod platforms to effectively teach language and management skills. Unfortunately, language and management skills are not learned efficiently or effectively online, so moving back to a classroom setting is crucial.

As of now, Angelina is looking for solid referrals from the community to global corporations with whom they have associations or links to help grow in the Richmond network. To learn more, visit their website at

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