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App Created To Enhance High School Student Athletes Recruitment Process

STAC is a virtual marketplace where high school athletes can have a “LinkedIn type profile” capturing their best athletic moments. This allows college coaches to search for athletes similar to searching for a house on Zillow, enhancing the recruitment process.

Bryant Drayton and Robert De Wolff are the original Co-Founders. They have known each other since we were 14. Upon quitting their jobs, they realized they didn't know anything about tech. That pushed them to hire Peter Hanneman to be a technical Co-Founder. All of that was nearly a year ago and they have not looked back since.

Surprisingly enough, COVID-19 has positively affected STAC. They virtualized a process that was currently reliant on in-person discovery. What makes their app different from other platforms is that they are entirely athlete-focused. They provide them a free tool with a synonymous look and feel of today's "hip" trends.

This startup is continuously growing. They expect to go from 4 full-time employees to around 15. They predict to still be located in Richmond, however in a newly renovated office in Manchester coming soon.

The you can support this app is through word of mouth. Let people know that the STAC app has launched and is accessible to all high school athletes and their families. They are providing every athlete, of all sports, the best tool to aid in the recruiting process. For more information on this app, visit their website at

Location: Richmond, Virginia

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