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Startup Company Creates Cleaning Devices to Eliminate Laboratory Waste

Grenova creates devices that enable labs to wash & sterilize contaminated pipette tips in large quantities for reuse. Labs who use Grenova devices reduce their pipette tip consumable biohazard waste and cut costs up to 90%, which allows them to reinvest their savings in research and operations.

Demand for Grenova's products has actually increased through the past several months as a result of coronavirus. A sharp increase in the number of single-use tips being used for COVID-19 testing is putting healthcare systems at risk of shortage, and Grenova’s innovative technology solves shortage issues by allowing labs to safely wash and reuse the pipette tips. Grenova's products are able to make COVID-19 tests more accessible, and they want to partner with as many testing facilities as possible to ensure that tests will be provided to all who need them.

Grenova is really in a field of its own; they're a Blue Ocean company that uses novel technology that no other competitor has in the laboratory consumables industry. Grenova's pipette tip washing machines are differentiated because they allow laboratories to reduce their environmental impact and to cut costs in the process.

Grenova has been growing rapidly – they've doubled in size in the last year, and they're still expanding. They expect to continue to grow in the future because increased testing for COVID-19 has led to a pipette tip shortage. Grenova is one of the only companies that specializes in reusing pipette tips so they expect to be busy as laboratories look for ways to increase accessibility to COVID-19 testing.

The founder, Ali Safavi, worked in the healthcare consumable industry for seven years. While working for a large company, he realized that a large amount of plastic waste was being accumulated and that he could do something about it. He secured funding to start a pipette tip washing biotech firm in 2008, and Grenova has grown ever since.

Spread the word about Grenova’s solutions to help them out. Lots of laboratories haven't yet started thinking about workplace sustainability and their mission is to educate people about environmental practices. If you go to a research university, or work in a laboratory, research center, or clinical testing space, reach out to Grenova to talk about ways to make your workspace more sustainable. To learn more, visit their website at

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