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A Nurse-Founded Company Creates Software Platform That Organizes Universal Profiles For Nurses

Kamana is a software platform for nurses and allied health professionals to securely store, track, manage, and share their credentials and professional documentation. This universal profile can be instantly shared with an employer or can seamlessly interact with Kamana’s candidate management platform for staffing agencies. With Kamana, staffing agencies can reduce time spent hiring and managing staff while healthcare workers enjoy a mobile-friendly portal that eliminates duplicate work and enhances the candidate experience.

Dave Dworschak is the Co-founder + CEO. Dave worked for a healthcare startup that focused on migrating data between hospital record systems. He started as employee one and over seven years helped to scale that business to over 250 internationally distributed employees.

John Modica is the Co-founder + Customer Officer who is a former traveling ER nurse. Having spent more than a decade working in Emergency Departments across the country, John witnessed first-hand how the inefficient technology being used to track, store, and share credentials and professional portfolios results in repetitive work and financial waste for him, his recruiters, and staffing agencies.

Kiere El-Shafie the Co-founder + CTO. Kiere has spent 20+ years as a software engineer. He has built and scaled software systems in the healthcare space and comes with a deep understanding of security.

Eric Iacutone is the software engineer. Eric has been developing software for more than seven years. His most recent experience involved building a fundraising application for the arts.

Kamana initiated a COVID-19 Response Plan in March. When COVID-19 first hit, they looked for ways they could best support the healthcare ecosystem, and they were successful in the following initiatives:

  • Launched a COVID-19 Rapid Response Team for nurses and allied health professionals to join, indicate availability, and upload everything a staffing agency or hospital would need to expedite the screening, placement, and onboarding process.

  • Worked with agencies within and outside of their customer base to match healthcare pros on their Rapid Response Team with their critical needs.

  • Provided agencies with a dedicated account for healthcare pros to self-prepare to be screened, submitted, and on-boarded prior to the initial conversation.

Other technology companies have tried to enter the healthcare staffing market by fully cutting out the human element with technology, however, Kamana understands that the human element in healthcare staffing is still very important and is instead powering the traditional healthcare staffing agencies with technology. Unlike the industry agnostic software companies that are trying to penetrate the healthcare staffing market, Kamana actually understands the needs of both the healthcare professionals and employers through personal experience and listening to every word their users (and potential users) say. Kamana deeply understands the value of the user experience in the (fast) rising generation of healthcare workers that are demanding improved options for flexible work. As a nurse-founded company they will always keep the healthcare professional's best interests in every decision they make.

Kamana is on track to double the number of staffing agencies and triple the number of healthcare professionals on its platform in the next six months. Along with this user growth, they'll be looking to add 2-3 people to their internal team by the end of 2020.

They've had tremendous support as a startup from multiple organizations- one of the most notable being Lighthouse Labs. They were in the 2019 fall cohort of their accelerator program, from which Kamana derived amazing value and knowledge, and they have continued to receive support from Lighthouse Labs and their network of amazing mentors.

Location: headquartered in Richmond, VA, with a remote team dispersed between Florida, Virginia, New York, and Colorado.

“I just created my profile and loved the process. This makes things so much easier when working with a recruiter, and my recruiter loves it too.” - Travel RN

"Kamana makes credentialing easy for us! They bring new value to us daily.” - Agency Owner

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