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Cocktail Kit Startup Reinvents Virtual Happy Hour

Bar Chef Cocktail Kits, owned by Mike Love, conveniently ships biweekly cocktail kits filled with fresh ingredients, craft cocktail recipes, and bar equipment that pair with Virtual Happy Hours to learn the art and history of cocktail creation. This startup has created a unique opportunity to create something new that hasn’t been done before. Bar Chef Cocktail is an experience that provides friends, family, and colleagues an opportunity to interact with each other virtually while making new drinks at home.

Upon Mike’s current business, The Professional Bartending Academy, closing its doors in mid-March, he wanted to do something fun but also let his current staff, students, and prospective students know he wasn't going anywhere. As a result, Mike started hosting free virtual happy hours to foster current relationships and develop new ones. He hopes to grow with at least 10 employees and a national vision of expansion.

Cocktail kits can be purchased for two or four people. Subscribers can choose from two options: the first option is a starter kit that includes all garnishes, mixers, fresh ingredients, and essential bar equipment. The second option is a biweekly kit that exclusively includes all garnishes, mixers, and fresh ingredients. In addition to the kits, the essential nine-piece bar set is sold separately which includes shaker tins, pour spouts, a hawthorn strainer, a measuring jigger, and a bar spoon.

Please share Mike’s company with friends, family, and colleagues. If you wish to host a virtual happy hour or you think Bar Chef Cocktail Kits may complement an upcoming virtual event, feel free to reach out to Mike on LinkedIn.

Through early experiences, Mike quickly identified how he could make the virtual happy hour better. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a closed business, he began intensely researching the market and developing a business model that made a virtual happy hour a fun, convenient, and easy to learn activity for friends, family, and colleagues to do together. To learn more about Mike and his cocktail kits, visit his website here:

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