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Bike Excursion Offers Safe Outdoor Fun with Guided Tours, Picnic Rides, and Bike Rentals

Basket & Bike offers bicycle excursions and bike rentals along the Virginia Capital Trail and in Richmond. Every excursion aims to celebrate life along Virginia's pastoral landscapes and encourages biking everyday in town. Basket & Bike has developed a line of products that evoke chic bike rides with a basket packed for adventure. All Basket & Bike guided rides are led by a local guide, come with a signature snack and will end with delicious fare in a scenic setting. Bikes (with a basket of course!) and helmets are part of the experience. All rides give back a portion of sales to local conservation causes.

While COVID-19 required them to scale back their group operations and halt tour’s entirely, they were able to offer bike rentals to individuals and families looking for a way to be outside for a bit of fitness and fun.

They shifted from tours to selling their popular tour bikes, including used fleet bikes and brand new ones. As a result of stay at home orders, biking has seen a major increase in popularity as a way for people to stay fit and commute at a healthy distance. That means accessories for bikes have become more popular too, so Basket & Bike has also increased promotion of their online shop. Their most popular item has been the Nantucket bike basket with a basket liner designed by owner, Anne Poarch, that is handmade locally, comes in a variety of colors, and is designed to go in and out of the basket like a tote. Their ETSY shop has seen a tremendous increase in traffic and Basket & Bike has shipped baskets and liners across the country, even to Canada and France!

Since July they have been opening back up for guided excursions and their popular picnic rides with partners Palate Picnics and Upper Shirley Vineyards. They are so grateful for the interest and support shown by the local community. The public can continue to support Basket & Bike by booking a tour or bike rental as a staycation option or calling about a customized excursion for your team looking to connect at a healthy distance after so much time apart. Make sure to ask about their comfortable priority bikes and attractive bike accessories like helmets and baskets. Visit Basket & Bike’s website to learn more and book an excursion:

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