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Media Startup Translates Technical Content Into Comprehensive Visuals

Godwin Media provides Whiteboard Video Production services to clients with complex information that needs to be translated into digestible media content. They have served a variety of clients, from fortune 500 consumer and technology companies like P&G and 3M to local nonprofits. They love working with high-growth technology companies looking to market their solutions to enterprise clients. They specialize in taking highly technical and complicated content and making it easy for clients to explain difficult concepts to a non-expert audience using their streamlined content analysis process and colorful custom-illustrated visuals.

Godwin Media is a customer-funded startup and they offer a highly personalized and custom-engineered experience for every client. They’ve recently received a boost in business as many people are turning to digital marketing strategies and can't easily film live action video. They're always looking to get better connected with businesses that have complementary services to their own. They stick tightly in their lane of whiteboard animation and refer clients to good service providers who offer the solutions that they can't. They are aiming to build partnerships with businesses in the marketing, video production, and sales training industries. As they grow throughout the community, they are looking to hit $500,000 in revenue in the next 12 months.

Founder, Chance Godwin, is a cowboy and a comic artist. Born and raised in rural VA, he grew up working hard on the farm and on his illustration skills. He received his B.F.A. from VCU in Communication Arts, worked as a fine-arts and illustration instructor for VCU & the Richmond Symphony, and got involved in a video startup shortly thereafter.

As a member of this startup, Chance worked with corporate marketing and human resources teams with familiar brands like Microsoft, Unum Insurance, and SAP, and he saw a huge need for a streamlined way to convert complex information into digestible video content. He developed a flexible approach to creating customized whiteboard videos, and Godwin Media was launched in 2017. They serve clients globally but are based near Richmond, VA. To learn more about Godwin Media, visit their website:

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