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Scott’s Addition Park Invites Families and Friends for Food, Music, Games, and Fun

Brambly Park is just like it sounds... It’s a park-like oasis situated on almost two acres in the northwest corner of Scott’s Addition surrounded by wild growing bramble bushes. It’s home to an urban winery, a full service restaurant, and an outdoor park. It’s filled with games, music, great food, and drinks. It offers the perfect escape at the end of the day.

Brambly Park was conceived to be a park-like gathering space for the Scott's Addition neighborhood, which has a lack of green space. Modeled after urban parks in Europe, it features outdoor dining, entertainment, and a community gathering space that are both pet and family friendly. The need for safe outdoor community space has become vital in today's world. and with over 2 acres of woods and green space to spread out, Brambly Park offers a safe and much needed outdoor amenity for Richmonders.

With the recent changes in social guidelines, they have changed their entire service model to focus on touch-less ordering. The staff has access to PPE gear and testing, and are provided training on sanitizing and working with customers in a socially distant manner.

They encourage guests to enjoy the park, restaurant, and winery with their pets and families. They also offer weekend community events and event hosting sites for small groups celebrating missed birthdays, anniversaries, and other social events. Visit their website to book a reservation and learn more:

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