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New Menswear and Home Goods Store Launches Amid the Pandemic

Homme Essentials is a new fusion of men's clothing and modern home goods in the near West End of Richmond, VA. They subscribe to an ethos that more is not always better, and simplicity is worth a lot more credit and appreciation than it receives. From co-owner Kevin McFadden's personal experience working in retail, specifically men's clothing, the worst thing that they could ever do is sell something to someone that they either do not feel comfortable in, or do not actually like.

Co-owners Alan Long and Kevin McFadden met at the gym. They both had a healthy (read: unhealthy) addiction to shoes. They bonded and talked about shoes, met for coffee, and Alan asked Kevin if he wanted to open a men's store. Roughly 16 months later, the two opened Homme Essentials in the middle of a global pandemic.

COVID-19 pushed back the store’s opening date, but it has been difficult even still due to restrictions on leaving the house. At Homme, they are taking the matter seriously. They have a strict mask policy as well as hand sanitizer that everyone must use prior to touching anything in the store.

Homme Essentials does not really focus on competition. Their concept and idea is about introducing their clients to new brands that are well made and worth their investment. At the end of the day, they believe that if the owners are more genuine regarding brand selection, the rest will take care of itself. Their ideal growth goal is to have a full time manager and 1-2 part time employees in store.

The best way for them to receive support from the community is just stepping through the door. They believe that there is something in store for just about everyone. There are many items that wives, girlfriends, or sisters might even steal from their clients – and they encourage that! Visit their website to see all they have to offer:

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