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Introducing CMG News Contributor, Mindy Flanigan

Mindy Flanigan has 25+ years of experience as a Human Resource Management Professional. She is PHR certified through the Human Resource Certification Institute since 2002 and SHRM – CP certified through the Society of Human Resource Management since 2015.

As the founder and CIO of Inspiring HR, LLC, she and her team strive for "HR Done Differently", providing services to small businesses that follow their HR-SURE® standards; Simple, Understandable, Relevant, and Empowering.

A significant amount of Mindy’s small business HR experience comes from over 20 years working within or supporting the PEO/HR Outsourcing Industry; 1993 to present. With a background that includes Compliance, Employee Management Best Practices, Payroll, and Benefits, Mindy’s time spent delivering or leading (a team of 9!) on the delivery of Human Resource services has given her a unique understanding of how to make HR simple and valuable for small businesses.

As a CMG News Contributor, Mindy is going to use her experience in human resources to help small business, startups, and nonprofits expand their knowledge. We are collaborating to ensure our community has all the resources necessary to grow their businesses to the next level.

If you're interested in becoming a CMG News Contributor, contact

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