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Small Batch Ice Cream Shop Creates Fresh Summer Flavors

Scoop is a small batch ice cream shop that creates flavor-packed ice creams that will delight any palate. Their flavors range from the familiar Brown Sugar Cookie Dough to adventurous Sweet Corn and Blackberry, rich Sea Salt Chocolate Malt, or delightfully tart Key Lime Pie. Orders can be made in their homemade cones, or try a "flight" – a combination of three scoops of ice cream topped with three cookie wedges of either chocolate chip, peanut butter, or Whisk Whisker cookies.

Scoop’s delivery business has blossomed recently, as well as their curbside service. Since they are located in the Fan, they also have a lot of walk up/take out business. They have, of course, had to add additional cleaning/disinfecting, as well as required masks be worn in the shop. Additionally, the staff wears fresh gloves for each customer.

In order to stay innovative and creative to keep the customers coming back, Scoop has created flavors like "Stay at Home Honeycomb". They have also had several events to celebrate their 2nd birthday, as well as National Ice Cream Day! Even with the recent challenges of the economic crisis and its negative effects on small businesses, Scoop’s customers have been very supportive of the ice cream shop and staff. Visit their website to see all of their flavors at

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