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Client Feature: EDGe Business Planning

EDGe Business Planning is a Richmond based company that provides fractional CFO services that combine technology and personalized guidance to expand business owners' knowledge and elevate their business. Founded by Eric Glymph in 2014, EDGe helps nonprofits and for profit businesses of all sizes understand their numbers and create forward looking financial goals to grow profitably.

CMG has worked with EDGe over the years as their full-service marketing agency. Recently, EDGe came to us to develop a flyer to promote their PPP Loan Application assistance to go out to the Chesterfield Chamber.



Issue: EDGe needed a promotional piece of collateral to go out in an email newsletter for the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce. This piece had to promote EDGe's offering to complete the PPP Loan Application process on behalf of their clients.

Solution: CMG worked with Eric to create a marketing flyer that would be visually appealing, while also informative. Our team developed key messaging for the flyer to showcase the complexity behind the PPP loan process, and the ease of working with EDGe.

Deliverables: Key Messaging / Graphic Design / Copy-Writing / Product Execution


EDGe Business Planning


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