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Specialty Milkshake Shop Added Outdoor Seating Following Phase Three

Coco + Hazel is an espresso and specialty milkshake shop located in Richmond, Virginia in the Tuckahoe Shopping Center.

They've been open since April 2019 and weren't expecting anything like COVID-19 after such a wonderful first year. They've been welcomed into this community with open arms since the moment they opened. Their Specialty Shakes and coffee from Café Brújula in Oaxaca, Mexico are the main attractions of their business and almost all of their seating is indoors, in a relatively small space. Figuring out ways to navigate the pandemic has been no easy task for Coco + Hazel.

When they came up with the Specialty Shakes for Coco + Hazel, they never pictured doing them to-go. The vision was always for them to be presented in glassware. They've had to adapt to making a variation of their Specialty Shakes in a to-go format that they are happy with; A product they were proud of presenting to customers. Luckily, @Toast, the POS system they use in-store, has been accommodating and offers an online ordering option that has allowed Coco + Hazel to continue operating during the pandemic. They've implemented contactless pickup where customers order online and pickup their order from tables placed in front of their shop. With a small space, they've had to close the indoor dining area to customers to protect them and their staff. They have added outdoor seating with Phase 3 of Virginia's Reopening Guidelines.

Coco + Hazel feels very fortunate that to this point, and since they’ve opened, the community has been extremely supportive. Ordering online and ordering electronic gift cards that can be sent through email or text, both from their website, are ways the community can continue to support them. Of course, making sure you stay safe and healthy is also vital.

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