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Local Happy Hour Guide Creates A Campaign For At-Home Happy Hours

RVA Happy Hours is Richmond's #1 guide to happy hour. Their mission is to promote happy hours in the Richmond area.

Since happy hours have been non-existent/limited, they shifted their efforts to focus on at-home happy hours. RVA Happy Hours created a campaign where they shared cocktail recipes from local restaurants so their followers could make their favorite happy hour drinks at home. They also started selling at-home happy hour kits in partnership with a few different Richmond distilleries so that people could easily recreate a restaurant-quality happy hour at home.

We started selling at-home happy hour kits through Cirrus (no longer available) and @James River Distillery (still available). The kits provide everything you need to have a happy hour at home, while also supporting 7 different Virginia-based companies/organizations.

To support RVA Happy Hours you can buy an at-home happy hour kit through James River Distillery and follow them on Instagram. For more information on this business, visit their website at

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