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Richmond Startup Offers 360 Degree Proctoring Services For At-Home Learning

Proctor360 is a company based out of Richmond, VA that offers various proctoring services to the HigherEd and Certification markets. Their services range from high security 360° camera monitoring to standard webcam monitoring. Proctoring enables people to take exams from the comfort of their home while giving confidence to Universities and Certification Organizations that provide the test that they are being delivered securely. This is extremely important to prevent cheating and maintain fairness.

Proctor360's CEO, Ganga Bathula, owns multiple testing centers in Virginia where he saw the move from physical to remote testing. He noticed that there was a gap for high security tests as no solution at the time was able to secure the test environment. Soon after, he started Proctor360 to address the problem.

COVID-19 has forced a lot of universities and organizations to go online and remote. There has been an increase in demand for proctoring as traditional in-person testing cannot be done anymore due to social distancing. At Proctor360, they have been doing their best to keep up with demand and have added to their offerings to fit the needs of organizations who want to use their services.

Their high security 360° camera monitoring solution is unique to them. It’s a comprehensive view that allows Proctor360 to remotely secure the test taker and their environment. This is something that no other service offers and can’t be done with a standard webcam's limited view.

Additionally, amid Covid-19 they added another offering allowing universities to use their software to proctor their own students. This allows university testing centers to remain open and to continue to test their students who now test online.

In the next 12 months, Proctor360 is looking to add to their staff as they bring on more clients. This includes sales staff as well as proctor staff. They are also going up for another funding round to accelerate growth. The best way to help Proctor360 continue to grow as a company is to spread the message and let universities and Certification Organizations know that they have proctoring options that fit their needs. For more information on Proctor360, visit their website at

Location: Richmond, VA | Fairfax, VA

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