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An Educational Publishing Company Creates Virtual Math And Reading Program

Creative Minds Publications is an educational publishing company that creates and provides children's books, educational materials, and literacy consulting support for families, schools, and corporations. They created Tackle Reading day, an annual educational, philanthropic initiative supported by the NFL. They also started The Starke School, a monthly subscription based math and reading program for families of K-3 students.

Like everyone, their business has shifted to completely online since schools have been closed since March. They have added new children's books and educational resources to their catalogue for families and teachers. All of their presentations and consulting for schools and districts is done 100% virtually.

Creative Minds Publication’s mission has always been to motivate, support, and inspire children, families, and teachers. Right now, parents and families need more support than ever. Therefore, they have launched The Starke School where weekly taped video lessons are provided for families to view at their convenience with supportive activities to complete offline at their own pace. One-on-one virtual reading tutoring sessions are available as an add-on and in-person reading tutoring sessions are available around the Richmond area.

While Creative Minds Publications would love to see any K-3 families in the Richmond community enrolled in The Starke School, they have all of their publications available for purchase at Amazon and appreciate spreading the word about their children's books and educational books to your favorite young readers, their parents, and their teachers. For more information on Creative Minds Publications, visit their website at To follow them on social media, visit their Instagram.

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